What is Trancestep and why do I care?

There are a lot of great new genres coming out into the light recently, gaining new traction and popularity.  Everyone has their own personal favorites, and I’d like to share a few with you now.  The following genres are listed in no particular order.


By far the best EDM for aural pleasure, trance is based around pleasant sounds that are relaxing to listen to; usually around 130-150 beats per minute (BPM).  Some great overall artists include Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin, and Emma Hewitt.


Dubstep is great for that hard hitting party atmosphere, anytime I want to let loose, I put on some Zomboy let the adrenaline flow and fu*#1^@ dance!  Typically dubstep plays around 140 BPM (some people claim it’s 70 BPM, which is really the same thing) and a few great Dubstep makers include Skrillex, Zomboy, and some Krewella.

Drum and Bass

Drum and bass a faster similar version to dubstep usually around 170 BPM.  This genre is a little hard to describe but great to listen to.  Check out Matrix & Futurebound for some epic songs.


This is basically the next evolution of trance, drum and bass, and dubstep mixed into one tasty musical jumbalaya.  Seven Lions really popularized the sound and others have great made contributions.  Check out the trance and bass subbreddit for a growing community with a bunch of amazing music.

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Happy Producing

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